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Armor is essential in the Kingdom of Drangleic. And not just for style.

Name Type Rarity Properties Description
Agdayne's Armor Light Rare/Unique A light robe worn by a gravekeeper.
Alonne's Armor Medium Legendary/Unique A medium set of leather and iron, once worn by Alonne.
Alonne Captain's Armor Medium Rare A medium set of armor worn by one of Alonne's captains.
Alonne Knight's Armor Heavy Rare A Heavy set of plate armor worn by Alonne Knights.
Alva's Armor Medium Legendary/Unique Poised, Soak: Physical 4; Magic 1; Fire 2; Lightning 1; Poison 1 A set of plate worn by the legendary Alva the Wayfarer.
Archdrake Set Light Rare Your Intelligence score goes up by one A set of robes and a helm worn by the Clerics of the Archdrake sect.
Astrologists Wear Light Rare A Robe and hat set commonly seen on Astrologists of the Kingdom.
Bandit's Armor Medium Common Soak: Physical 1; Magic 1; Fire 1; Bleed 1 Armor commonly seen on bandits and brigands.
Bell Keeper's Armor Medium Uncommon Armor given to members of the Bell Keeper covenant.
Benhart's Armor Medium Unique A fine set of mail worn by Benhart of Jugo.
Black Dragon Armor Light Rare An old suit of armour, gifted to members of the Dragon Remnants.
The Black Robes Light Rare Fine silk robes, gifted to people in favour of Straid.
Black Witch Robe Light Rare A set of robes of unknown Origin. Buy them from some lost soul or other.
Cale's Attire Light Unique The armour of a man who was once a cartographer...
Catarina Knight Armor Heavy Very Rare The Onion suit. I wonder whose...
Chaos Cloak Light Unique Robes worn by the royal sorcerer, Navlaan.
Charred Loyce Plate Medium Rare Plate worn by Loyce knights in the Old Chaos. Charred to a blackened colour.
Creighton's Armor Medium Unique A mail suit worn by Creighton.
Dark Armor Light Very rare A set of armour resembling a human skeleton, dropped by mimics.
Desert Sorceress Robe Light Rare A set that was worn by the Desert Sorceresses in Earthen Peak.
Dragon Acolyte Robes Light Rare Ceremonial Robes worn by the Dragon Acolytes.
Drakeblood Armor Medium Rare The armor of an ancient soul. They are found rarely.
Drakekeeper Armor Heavy Very Rare The Armor of the Drakekeepers of the Dragon Shrine.
Drangleic Plate Heavy Very Rare The armor of the Drangleic knights, who once held Drangleic against the Giants.
Elite Knight Armor Medium Very Rare Poised, Soak Physical 4; Fire 2; Poison 1; Bleed 2 The armor of a Knight of Astora. However did it get here?
Executioner's Spaulders Medium Very Rare/Legendary The Armor of the Executioner that once stood within the Chariot...
Falconer Armor Medium Rare Poised, Soak Physical 4; Fire 2; Poison 1; Bleed 2 Armor of the Falconers hired by a quite tame kingdom.
Faraam Plate Heavy Very Rare Armor of the followers of Faraam, the Forossa Lion Knights.
Forlorn Armor Medium Very Rare Armor of the Forlorn Invaders that appear sometimes.
Fume Sorcerors Robes Light Rare The armour of the Fume Sorcerors in Brume Tower.
Grave Warden's Armor Light Rare Attire of the Grave Wardens of the Undead Crypt.
Hard Leather Armor Medium Common Soak Physical 2; Lightning 1; Poison 1 The armor of a battle-scarred warrior. Simple, but reliable.
Havel's Stone Fist Heavy Unique/Legendary The armour of the warrior Havel.
Heide Knights Armor Medium Rare The plate and mail of the Heide Knights in Heide's Tower of Flame.
Hexer's Robes Light Rare The robes of an experienced mage. Intelligence and Faith required.
Hollow Infantry Armor Medium Uncommon Soak Physical 4; Fire 2; Poison 1; Bleed 2 The armour of the infantry units around the Forest of Fallen Giants and the Cardinal Tower.
Hollow Soldier Plate Medium Uncommon Decayed, Soak Physical 3; Fire 1; Bleed 1 The armour of the hollowed Royal Soldier around the Cardinal Tower, where they once assisted in the fight against the Giants.
Hunter's Attire Light Rare The attire of a hunter who once roamed the Forest of Fallen Giants.
Knight's Armor Medium Rare The plate of a once noble, now long dead knight.

Properties Info[edit]

Decayed The armor is old, and when an enemy lands a critical hit on the wearer, it has a chance to break.


Poised: Whenever an attack would stun you or knock you prone, as a reaction, you can roll a poise check against the attack roll that hit you. If you succeed, you are not stunned or knocked prone.

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