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A world of folklore in the making.

A realm where the forces of nature and desolation are pitted in a constant battle. A place where beasts rule in place of men, elves, dwarves, or humanoids. A place ruled by four ruthless clans; their constant striking and maneuvering affects the lives of the common folk.

And you: you are all the citizens of this land, subject to its turmoils, witness to its splendors. Perhaps you can help shape the fate of the realm. Perhaps you, too, can be a hero.

Armello is a strategy-based digital board game produced by League of Geeks. Anthropomorphic animal heroes undergo quests to gain political prestige, win magical blessings, harness the power of dark magic, or hone their skill in combat, all in pursuit of the throne. Heroic fantasy by way of Redwall or Brothers Grimm.

This campaign setting is in progress. Content may undergo major changes as edits continue.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

From Rat to Bear, the sentient creatures of Armello serve as races available to players.
An in-depth discussion about each class, how they fit in the world, and how some need to be changed to fit the setting.
Any variations in the standard equipment that need to be addressed.
The nature of arcana in the realm.
Religion and Beliefs
Explore the philosophies of Armello and the opposing mystical forces that shape the land.
Factions and Organizations
Many groups vie for power within the kingdom. With whom will you throw in your lot?

The Realm of Armello

The World & Locales
Both general regions and specific points of interest.
Time and History
A timeline of historical events, and recommendations on where to base your adventures.
The structure of status within the clans and monarchy of Armello.
The various planes, and how they are translated into the setting.
Monsters are not so common in the land of Armello. That does not mean, however, that adversity is not easily found.
From the mightiest heroes to the most dastardly villains.

Dungeon Master's Guide

A good place to start when considering DMing in this setting.
Items of immense power and significance within the realm.
Variant Rules
A collection and explanation of all variant rules touched upon in other parts of this setting.
Adventures & Tables
Adventures, quests, random encounters, and other resources.
Adding to Armello
Questions, comments, complaints, concerns, revisions, ideas, hopes, dreams, repressed childhood memories, etc.

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