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This material is forged by the collapses of a realm and upon the collapse trace amounts are scattered throughout the remaining realms. This material immediately eats away at most material's that touch it imposing an immediate -2 to piercing and slashing weapons and dealing 1d6 damage to the object that strikes it. The one exception to this is adamantine, and it can only be applied to objects made of solid adamantine furthermore the only adamantine object strong enough to ensure stability is a shield. Due to the risk of working with this material the cost of an adamantine shield's cost is automatically doubled. This material is only able to be found and stored in area's rich with adamantine or else the material slowly loses its properties and therefore is difficult to find anywhere and even more difficult to harvest. Only a few dwarves have the skill's and materials to forge this material. Due to its special properties it can also be effective in blocking magic, if a spell save is failed or one is not applied the user can make a Dex save of 15 (or the spell save DC whichever is higher) on a success the user can roll a second Dex save the same as listed above (if the user has the shieldmaster feat they get a +5 to the roll) to redirect the spell at the caster, if this is failed it will randomly hit one creature in the room (this can include the user). If the first roll is 25 or higher the second roll may be skipped, upon rolling a Nat 20 the shield consumes the spell and can either gain 1 anti-magic point or restore 1d6 health to the user. The shield can store up to 10 anti-magic points and can be used on command to rearrange the components of the spell to heal the user for 1d6 (if the user has the shieldmaster feat this may also be used to add 1d6 damage to a shield bash). Due to this shield having negative effects on magic any spell cast or magic item used by the wielder will have immediate disadvantage on both attack and damage rolls.

This material also gets a crust forming on the surface which develop similar properties to anti-metal. For users that have a poisoners kit and have proficiency in it they can collect this material with enough to add to make one touch, inhaled, or ingested poison. If used as a touch poison it will deal 1d10 corrosion damage the first round of contact, the damage rolled decreases by half (rounded down) every turn thereafter (example 10>5>2>1>0) the effect ends when the damage reaches 0. The roll for inhaled or ingested poison also uses a 1d10 but the damage delt only reduces by one each turn. this material can only be collected off of a shield once a month. To collect it the user must roll a flat d20 (add dex if proficient with poisoners kit) if the roll is below 15 the user fails and takes damage for touch poison (if a nat 1 is rolled the user suffers the affects of inhaled poison)

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