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The Andaran Pantheon[edit]

ANDAR is a new world created for a current campaign. Within it there are a number of Gods and Goddesses, brief details of which are given below.

Name Status Align Influence Title Worshippers
Khronos GG LN Time Lord of time Elves
Luka IG LG Light Consort of Khronos Lady of light Elves
Picos IG LN Elemental Water Lord of water Aquatic
Ergos IG CN Elemental Energy/fire Lord of flames Elementals
Aera IG CN Elemental Air Lady of air Elementals
Ragnos IG CN Elemental earth Lord of earth dwarfs
Magna IG N Elemental earth Lady of stone dwarfs
Hypnos GG CG Sleep; Brother of Khronos Thief of time Bards
Tenebra IG CE Darkness; Consort of Hypnos Lady of Darkness dwarfs
Teknos IG LN knowledge Lord of knowledge Gnomes
Ardra GG N Nature Lady of the forests Druids, elves
Drax LG LE Death Child Of Shadows Necromancers
Sark LG NE Corruption, Decay Prince Of Despair Evil
Socorra LG NG Growth, Healing Bringer Of Hope Healers


The two greatest gods of the pantheon are the brothers, Khronos and Hypnos, who once were mortal and became as gods after many years. Their story is delineated below.

Two Brothers[edit]

Long ago on the world of Andar there lived two brothers. They had been orphaned early on in their lives and the elder brother, Emptus, spent his formative years helping his younger sibling Aren into maturity. Emptus dearly longed to travel and to improve himself in matters of arcane lore, to become a great warrior and wizard. Aren knew this and although he needed and was grateful for his brother’s support, it gnawed heavily upon him that he had held his brother back from his rightful chance at destiny. Regardless, Emptus knew his duty and adhered to its tenets rigidly.

Emptus' Travels[edit]

When Aren reached a suitable age to stand by himself, Emptus bade him farewell and began to travel the world of Andar, learning all he could about the place and the magicks which pervaded its entire fabric. Aren too became a scholar but stayed near the place which had become their home, so that he could provide a place of rest and respite for his brother.

Time and again, Emptus returned home with great stories to tell and great skills and powers to display. Sometimes he also returned weak, exhausted, even shattered from some mighty conflict or debilitating act of arcane puissance which had taken all he had to give. So often on these occasions it was Aren who tended to his needs, discussed issues with him long into the night, helped him rest and recover. Emptus came to realise that his younger brother was at least his equal intellectually and that he truly cared for Aren. Despite the wildly different views of the two men, one rooted in order, the other much more flexible in outlook, it was this caring demeanour which carried the two of them through even the most difficult times in their brotherly relationship. Put simply, Aren’s love for his brother was far more than Emptus’ desire to do “the right thing” might have engendered.

The Demon[edit]

A greater demon pursued Emptus to the homestead on one occasion and tried various methods to get past Aren so that it might deal with its enemy in a weakened state. Aren politely forestalled all such attempts. When the demon finally manifested its true nature, a great combat ensued, with weapons, spells and bare hands all used, until Aren was near defeat. The demon demanded that Aren yield up his brother or face eternal torture in the fires of damnation. Bloodied and bowed on the floor, Aren raised his head in one last act of defiance and whispered simply, “No”. As the demon raised his weapon to strike the final blow, Aren thrust forth his broken quarterstaff and impaled it though the heart, killing it utterly. The resulting shockwave of energy tossed him to one side where he lay, broken, like a rag doll. When Emptus regained sufficient strength, he surfaced from unconsciousness and came to assist his brother, finding him near death. This time it was love, not duty, which made him care so deeply for his brother’s health. The two brothers had forged an unbreakable bond of affection.


As Aren recovered from this terrible fight, Emptus began again to wish for the open road, and Aren bade him go – but to take care of himself and to come back home soon.

One evening on his travels, Emptus sat alone in his campsite. In truth he had become more mighty and powerful than any might have expected, and his rigid self-discipline and strict adherence to rules of law had made him an object of wonder and a great mediator in the land wherever disputes raged. He had gone further still, imposing a similar rigidity on the natural world around him, and by steadfastly upholding this principle he had become a wielder of the most mighty forces of nature, able to control birds, beasts, and even the elements themselves. As he sat pondering, the sun began to fade and as it slipped toward the horizon there was a blinding flash. As his eyes recovered Emptus saw before him the most fabulously desirable woman he had ever known. She seemed pleased to see him and they began to talk, Emptus not noticing that the daylight persisted far beyond its normal course long into their discussions. When she finally looked around in dismay and made to leave, Emptus begged her to stay longer. She shook her head, saying, “I must run my course, and none may catch me.”

Abruptly she vanished and Emptus realised the night had closed in; they had talked so long it was nearly dawn. Her face, voice and body dogged his mind all day; he was not surprised when she reappeared that evening at close of day and stayed once again to talk with him. This time he was prepared to do anything to make her stay: he had prepared his most powerful magic circle, leaving only a single sigil unscribed. He persuaded her into the circle but at the instant he tried to complete it, she was suddenly outside it again, as though she had moved too fast for him to follow. “Why will you not stay?” he demanded in despair. “I must run my course,” she replied sadly, “and none may catch me.” At this Emptus became furious with frustration, and said to her, “If it take forever, if it cost my life, I shall catch thee, for thou carryest my heart with you, and must I follow thee till thou art caught.”

The ghost of a smile passed across her lips, and she vanished.

The Search[edit]

Emptus spent months trying to find her, and every evening awake until the small hours of the morning, hoping to catch another glimpse of her, but to no avail. Finally he returned home, collapsing with exhaustion on the threshold into Aren’s arms.

When Emptus was strong enough to talk, he explained to his brother what it was that ailed him. Aren kept his own counsel, but while his brother regained his strength he did all he could to help uncover the mystery of this fine lady. Slowly an inkling began to form in his mind. When Emptus made to leave the house to once again go questing, Aren packed up everything and loaded two horses rather than one. Emptus tried to argue with his brother but Aren told him: “It is my turn to help you find your destiny just as you helped me find mine”.

The quest continued apace; now, while Emptus worked and researched during the day, his brief nightly rests were guarded by his brother Aren. Increasingly, Aren went without any sleep so that he and his brother could journey on in the night hours and, when they were too weary to travel further, as Emptus slept, Aren sat guarding him awake.


It was only after fourteen nights consecutively with no rest that Aren began to feel he was hallucinating. On the edge of the camp firelight he saw a beautiful woman, her skin, hair and robes deepest jet black, only her eyes and her teeth were the silvery-white of starlight. She seemed to be whispering to him but try as he might, he could not hear her words…

Quest concluded[edit]

After much time questing, Emptus understood the meaning of what he had seen. This lady, this goddess, was the embodiment of light – Luka, her name was, and she was faster than anything save time itself. And so, Emptus became the master of time, for to do otherwise doomed him always to pursue but never to catch. How he accomplished this is unknown, but he needed all his brother’s help so to do. When he finally found the way to snare Luka, he held her for but a moment – to prove that he could – though it took all his strength to do that; and when he released her, she appeared to him, and wept tears of joy, for finally there existed one who could be with her and ahead of her, one who could be her companion and her consort, one whom she could love freely and not be afraid.

Aren became enamoured of the dark woman on the edge of the firelight. She was Tenebra, the evil sister of Luka: where she was, Luka could not be, and vice versa. Still, she was so strongly attracted to Aren’s caring nature that she yearned for his touch and attention. His pursuit of her led to the loss of his ability to sleep – yet somehow this reinforced him and made him his brother’s complement – and he became her perfect match, the bringer of blessed relief from the terrors of unknown darkness. Tenebra loves him with a strange desperation, and though he despises the evil which she wreaks, at the same moment he is inexplicably drawn to her, and she to him. He is the only thing, it is said, which can cause her to temper her evil with mercy.


When he mastered time itself, Emptus took the name of Khronos, and his brother, the guardian of Emptus’ sleep, assumed the name Hypnos, the master of sleep and dreams, whose nature is to be the thief of time. Their deeds, and their consorts, and even their children, are legend; yet it is still said that, when he becomes world weary, Khronos, the greatest deity of his pantheon, will still return to his brother’s side, and that Hypnos watches unceasingly over the god when he is at peace in his slumbers…

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