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Amplify Emotions
4th-level Enchantment
Casting time: 1 action
Range: One target that is not mindless within 400 feet
Components: V, S, M(An eye of a beholder)
Duration: 1 Minute(if not specified otherwise)

The target must make a wisdom save, if they fail their base emotions(or lack thereof) brought to bear. The exact effect depends on the targets alignment. clerics and warlocks count as one step closer to their god or patrons alignment(if they are diametrically opposed move to neutral) for the purpose of this spell.

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Holy Rage Pacifism Extreme Loyalty
Neutral Honor Bind Apathy Insanity
Evil Hate Cowardice Wrath


'Holy Rage'

If the target fails the save, they must on there next turn try to attack the nearest creature perceived as evil by them. this effect lasts 1 minute, until they die or, there are no creatures they perceive as an evil creature in sight.


Those who fail the save are incapable of doing anything that directly harms their enemies for one minute.

'Extreme Loyalty'

If the save fails, the dm chooses one ally, if that ally is attacked the target must do all in their power to slay the attacker for one minute.

'Honor Bind'

If the target fails their save, they must fight with a basic code of conduct that postulates that you may not harm a woman, attack an unarmed creature, attack a creature while they are prone or entangled, or accept aid against an enemy that has challenged you to single combat that has not been ended for the next minute.


If the target fails their save, they can not gain inspiration, cannot rage in any manner, and are immune to the frightened and charmed conditions for the next minute.


If the target fails the save, they are affected by confusion for the next minute.


If you fail your save, due to your mind's hatred of good and unlawfulness, you have advantage on attack rolls against whichever creature you can see which has the farthest alignment from yours but, disadvantage on attack rolls against every other creature that you can see.


If you fail your save next time you are attacked(within a minute of the casting) you become frightened of the attacker

'Wrath' If affected by wrath, you gain a barbarians rage ability for one minute and seek to harm whatever the closest creature to you that you can see is. ---

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