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Ammo Understanding

Prerequisites: Proficiency in Firearms
An ammo nut who wants to show his skills.

  • Your Dexterity increases by 1 to a total of 20
  • AP rounds: when you hit a creature and there's a creature at least 15 feet straight behind, the bullet keeps the same attack roll it had for the first creature.
  • Splinter shot: this works like a magic spells line effect but stops 10 feet past its first creature hit with it and any creature with in that 10 feet has to make a dex saving throw (DC 14) the creature takes no damage on a pass, on a fail the creature takes half.
  • Air burst rounds: when a creature is hit with this any creature that's with in 5 feet must make a dex saving throw (DC 14) on pass they take no damage, on fail they take half the damage the main creature took.
  • Tracker rounds: when a creature is hit with this any attack made against them gains advantage, you don't gain advantage when using other types of bullets from this feat, the advantage lasts till the end of your next turn.
  • Shredder rounds: fire a 15 feet cone of shrapnel, any creatures in the cone will have to make a dex saving throw (DC 14) to take no damage and lose no AC, on fail the creature takes half damage and loses 1AC ( a creature can only lose a total of 5AC )

When making the bullets it requires 20 gold pieces of materials to make 5 bullets. The damage depends on the weapon in use. Any creatures that try to use these bullets and don't have this feat gets -4 on attack rolls

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