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The land of Amesha is one that has been in the throes of upheaval for some decades now. The former monarchy of the land has been replaced with that of a conclave, and it's lands have been slowly swallowing themselves over, time and time again. With vast armies being sent west and mercenaries of all stripes being bought and bartered to no end. Roving bands of barbarian tribes in both the marsh lands, and all through the winter blasted tundra up north. With commerce being strained on and off shore, as pirate vessels have been found attacking lone ships even in broad day.

In the last decade a torrent of undeath has begun to spring up from within the inner lands of Amesha. Farmlands and villages alike find themselves being run over by large groups of undead. With the cities of Amesha doing what they can to stem the tide of the undead that they see, very few are inclined to believe that this is some form of rebellion, or invading force. With whispers of death cults being put to ear, or heard in the back alleys of small towns, and around the tables of any inn that will tolerate such rumors under their board. Many find this time rife for adventure and as much a chance as any to go out, to make a name for oneself. Guild halls and adventuring groups have begun to spring up in ever increasing numbers. To both put a stop to the undead menace and find out exactly what it is that is happening to the land. Though most are doing this purely for the beneficial nature of seeking fortune for ones self.

Amesha contains vast sweeping landscapes and verdant forest for leagues around, with rather fantastical settings to behold. Such as sunken grottos that give way to ancient tombs, monoliths dedicated to gods old and bizarre, and forsaken keeps that hold long untouched treasures, protected by things just as ancient and deadly.


Amesha inhabits a strange position on the cosmic wheel of the multiverse and all it's different planes. In dark ages, multiple old gods waged wars all across this land and even sent forth armies to pillage those planes belonging to other deities. This resulted in several thousand years of conflict between it's neighboring planes and to this day, several of the more long lived species can recall either the end of the war, or hearing stories about it.

However the biggest difference here is that Amesha can sometimes come into otherwise "physical" contact with any number of the elemental planes. Causing some strange incursions every few years, to around a decade at most. Amesha's citizens have learned to cope with this however, and either all know some form of knowledge about the elemental planes, or have access to some way of more reliably interacting with entities from such places. This coupled with the fact that, while Amesha is a relatively peaceful plane to live on. Several entities and groups still vie for control of their own piece of territory from time to time. So it is not unheard of for an adventuring group to come across several elementals existing in the wilderness of Amesha.


 ..And as I looked down at my land, writhing in flames. I realized all was lost and that betrayal had claimed that which I hold most dear.  ..King Halgrav

Crown City: At the very center of all the power structures to be found in Amesha, the Crown City is it's most prominent formation. A city that can be seen from leagues away, day and night, and one with such power. That it can be felt at an even greater distances. It's alabaster colored walls reaching eighty feet high, and the force of it's military being ever present. The Crown City, or otherwise known by other individuals around Amesha as "The Crown". Was once lead by a great man, known affectionately by his people as King Halgrav the Just.

This was before his throne was usurped by the main families of the highest ranking guilds. A long and bloody coup was launched to seize his land from him, one that lasted nearly a decade and it's effects can still be seen, or felt to this day. There are numerous guilds held within the city now. Many of which are just small groups of artisans and tradesman, that do their best to make a name for themselves in all of the worlds leanings. While the largest of the houses to be found in Amesha. Usually have a seat at the main table of all dealings in the entire province.

  • House Derrim:(Human) Currently held by the widow, Lady Helena Derrim. This house controls most of the main import and export of raw materials in Amesha. Choosing to strong-arm their competition, but never taking it further than that. They mostly specialize in lumber & other raw materials such a paper and even wax. Of all the main houses, Derrim's reach is possibly the most widely cast and there are very few places an adventurer might go where they would not see some form of presence from this house. House crest: A merchants scale, stylized into gold relief on a round shield.
  • House Cruvan:(Human) Currently held by Arthur & Giselle Cruven. House Cruven controls a majority of all raw mineral resources running through Amesha. Usually choosing to directly own most of the mines themselves, but they're not above buying large amounts of material out from under other guilds. Usually applying more than a slight amount of subterfuge to achieve this. House Cruven has been suspected of using more uncouth methods to coerce their competitors, into getting their way. Suspicions of lite poisonings, death threats and even kidnappings, haven't done much to stifle their power in any real way that can be seen. House Crest: Square tabard bearing a slanted mining pick, wrapped in maroon cloth.
  • House Maggram:(Dwarf)A more militaristically run army than a house. House Maggram is held by two twin brothers, Bodi & Modi Maggram. House Maggram is most likely one of, if not the largest group of smiths & jewelers to be found in all of Amesha. Though that is as far of them being a guild house, as one might be able to get. The brothers run their house as through it were a military. Stomping down on as much competition as they can and using much of their considerable wealth to muscle other groups out of their creations, or hard earned achievements. Nearly every piece of armor, or weapon to be found on an adventurer in Amesha. Bears the hallmarks of having passed through their hands in some way. House Crest: A war hammer in the grip of two hands, emblazoned on bronze relief and encircle with green filigree.
  • House Vulgani:(Gnome&Elf) A coalition of families and creeds more than that of a singular house. Vulgani is financially the strongest house in all of the Crown City. Starting out as a humble banking enterprise some two centuries ago. Vulgani has grown into a monster of personal wealth, acting as both a primary bank and money loaning entity of the whole province. The main families that control Vulgani trade positions every decade as part of a primary agreement. One that helps to ensure all power is to be kept in constant motion and never allowed to settle in the hands of one family. All things in House Vulgani are kept to a strict basis of following their codes & laws. Mainly stating that if you break the binding agreement of contracts, or any of their stated codes. That you and much of your possessions are forfeited to the main house. A prospect that is held true for all, be they member of the house, or a citizen of a nearby town. But despite all of this Vulgani is possibly considered the most trustworthy of the greater houses. Because their codes & laws make it prohibitively dangerous for anyone of their own to go against contract, or even risk staining the name of their extended family. House Crest: An ovoid emblem made of opal, with a gold dragon in flight encircling to grip it's tail in it's mouth.

Dagger Point City: Originally a city of ill repute in Amesha's formative years. This city has become a center for the foremost study of magic even when taking the multitude of schools available in the Crown into consideration. Dagger point has risen to be a source of great wealth in the last few decades, covering it's losses by exporting mined granite and other precious stones. The largest draw of the city is it's collection of mage cloisters, specializing in nearly every facet of magic that could be considered. Only lacking in the more natural orders of the druidic circles. Dagger Point's ruling class are the mages themselves, though this rule can be split among the various noble families. Some not particularly specialized in any form of arcane study, while others have many members dedicated to some varied form of study. All official actions are carried out under the purview of the current Arch-Mage of the Magi Council. Making all actions taken by the city representative of a thoughtful and usually well-informed leader. Though the city has suffered from this kind of leadership in the past, with several Arch-Mages not being too particularly interested in actually leading their city. Choosing to sink deeper into their studies, and leaving their seconds to handle all of the heavy lifting. The current holder of the title Arch-Mage. Is an Elven man named Aldus Zernell, who has sadly chosen to do much of what his last two predecessors did. By diving deeper into his studies and letting his emissaries from the noble families handle most of the hard work. Aldus hasn't been seen outside of his study for the last twenty years, though he still sends dedicated messages from the inside.

Dagger point is notably a haven for mages who practice some of the more questionable schools of magic, such as Necromancy. Many of the city's businesses, nobles houses, and guilds. Use some form of undead servant caste to take care of menial day to day activities. These undead are routinely dressed up to wear the colors of their patron business, or whatever house physically owns them and in some very rare cases. They have been known to actually posses personalities of their own. Though despite all of this, the city does have several codes that are to be taken into account. Such as no unsanctioned raising of the dead, be they indebted, or even a vagrant, and no one is to practice certain arts of longevity. Typically to pursue magics relegated to the realm of Lich-dom. Extra plainer contracts with other entities are not unheard of either, yet the city is home to several houses that deal specifically in such cases and are willing to battle full legal cases for the benefit of whoever hires them. So it is generally considered unwise to try and swindle out of even one of the contracts that you could sign yourself into while in Dagger Point.

Nirrin's Rest: The newest settlement of note to be found in Amesha. Nirrin's Rest was once a port town originally known for one of the province's most well respected and admired saints, Nirrin Vandire, for which the town acquired it's name.



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