Almost Dead (3.5e Flaw)

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Almost Dead[edit]

You keep dying. Seriously, why are you so sickly? Stop dying.
Effect: At the start of each day, you are affected by a random disease. You can have the ability damage cured, but it will come back after 1 hour. At the start of the next day, the damage from the disease is removed, and a new disease is applied.

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Roll a D10 to determine the disease you’re affected by:

1 Blinding Sickness: 1d4 Str damage.
2 Cackle Fever: 1d6 Wis damage.
3 Demon Fever: 1d6 Con damage.
4 Devil Chills: 1d4 Str damage.
5 Filth Fever: 1d3 Dex & 1d3 Con damage.
6 Mindfire: 1d4 Int damage.
7 Mummy Rot: 1d6 Con damage.
8 Red Ache: 1d6 Str damage.
9 The Shakes: 1d8 Dex damage.
10 Slimy Doom: 1d4 Con damage.

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