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One of the greatest godly pantheons, no matter how lesser they are. They all work as a family and spread love.

There was once a time where gods regularly meddled with the lives of mortals. They were always picking the easiest targets and wanted to spread their fame(along with the occasional child). And new gods were popping up all the time from the melting pot, the pot that melded beliefs and traits of life to create new deities, and spread across the planes of existence. One year, it was working its hardest, and produced gods specifically for the nine races of Alfheim. They were some of the most powerful gods she had made, and they were all made from the souls of mortals. Those were nearly overgod, and were some of the humblest of all the gods. With all the power used to make these gods, the pot was destroyed, and no official gods had been made since.

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