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Aegis Bracers[edit]

Aegis Bracers: '

Price: 400,000 gp

Body Slot: Arms

Activation: Defensive Stance

These bracers appear silver with large rainbow-prisms surrounded by energy crystals encrusted in each bracer. They are worn on the arms near the wrist and cover half the arm.

These bracers can create an energy barrier that can block most oncoming attacks from the front as a full round action. As for the flanks and rear of the defender will be vulnerable to attacks. If standing with a cross arm defensive stance, then an additional 5ft on each side of the defender and up to 15ft behind the affected area will be protected by most ranged attacks. The barrier the bracers produce can withstand up to 40pts + 1 d10 per CON/WIS modifier (e.g. 16CON = +3modifer = 3d10), which ever one is higher, of damage before failing and dissipating. Afterwards the wearer loses a full-round due to recovery from what ever broke the barrier. If the user decides to drop the barrier themselves as a full round action, and then refortify it again as another full round action the HP for the barrier is renewed.

This item is enchanted and indestructible. It is a one of a kind legendary item, and no one knows how it came into existence.
Strong abjuration; CL 20; Weight: 10 lb.

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