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Adventuring Gear[edit]

You will find many items which may prove useful in your adventures. Throwables, climbing items etc.

Name Type Rarity Description
Throwing Knife Throwable Uncommon A small knife. Easily used from a range of 10-20 feet, though not very damaging to anything in armor.
Firebomb Throwable Rare A small, throwable urn, which shatters upon impact, exploding in a mass of fire.
Witching Urn Throwable Rare A small, throwable urn, which explodes in a hail of magic on impact.
Small Rope Throwable/Climbing Uncommon A short length of rope. Used to climb or traverse very small gaps.
Wooden Arrow Ammunition Common An arrow of simple nature. Not very damaging, but plentiful.
Iron Arrow Ammunition Uncommon An arrow of simple nature. Useful, but expensive.

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