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Abyss Knight[edit]

Fighter Subclass

A warrior that makes a pact with the abyss itself and learns to channel fear in it's rawest form.

Weapon of the Damned

At level 3, you can choose any weapon. You gain proficiency with that weapon and you double your proficiency modifier on attack rolls. If you lose the weapon, as long as it is on the same plane as you, it will always return to your hands at midnight. If the weapon is destroyed, you can attune to a new one over a long rest.

At level 13, any creature struck by this weapon must make a Constitution saving throw or be afflicted with poison. The DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier.

At level 19, you gain advantage on attack rolls with that weapon.

Incarnation of Fear

At level 3, you gain proficiency with Intimidation.

At level 9, you may use intimidate as a bonus action.

At level 17, any creature you make eye contact with must make a charisma saving throw(Arcana or Religion) against your charisma modifier+8, or take half your level as psychic damage(this bypasses resistance, if the target is immune it is treated as having resistance instead)(each creature can only be affected once per day, you can only affect one creature per turn, and if you try to affect a creature while attacking another you gain disadvantage).

Visage of the Beast

At level 7 you incorporate facets about nature into your physical body. You gain proficiency in Athletics and Acrobatics, twice if you already have it. You grow bark, fur, scales or whatever you choose and are treated as having natural armor as long as you're not wearing any other armor. You grow fangs, claws, or whatever form of unarmed attack you choose and are treated as having natural weapons.

At level 11 you no longer need to breathe at all.

At level 15 you may grow extra appendages of your choice, or wings. you gain either the ability to attack with those appendages (d6) or gain a flying speed of 25 feet.

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