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Encounter: Abduction[edit]

  • CR 14
  • Integration Next to a village or small town with humans. The village is average in technology (ex: laser rifle)
  • Prep Time 2 hours
  • Play Time 3-4 hours


The heroes approach a village under attack. They can see laser beams shooting from inside the village. Soon they see that some mechanical creatures are attacking and killing the guards of the village. The heroes engage in combat. After the combat they learn something strange about a nearby tomb. When they reach and enter they are attacked by Cybermen. After they defeat them and descend furter in they find the wizard and the NPCs who say that they use the humans for experimentation. The heroes can proceed as they see fit.


Mechanical horror army. The horrors can be found in the Monster Manual and you can see how they play. There is also the techno wizard from this wiki as well as some scientists as NPCs. I included Cybermen fron the Doctor Who series but I modified them by my own standards, so if you use them check the Doctor Who wiki for info about them and modify them as you like.


The horrors play as the Monster Manual says, but the boss horror is behind all all of them, so is a hidden boss that comes out with a small army of lesser horrors under its command. The Cybermen try to subdue the heroes in order to convert them. If they resist then the Cybermen will try to kill them. The wizard will try to escape by any means necessary, the NPCs surrender when the heroes found the hidden door.


The standard exp earned. The horror has one random precious gem on it. The Cybermen can be sold as scrap metal and some of the human pieces to a necromancer. The tomb itself can have whatever treasure the DM wants to place.

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