5e Greater Dark Beast of Frostbite (Region Of The Sun Supplement)

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Greater Beast's lair[edit]

The Greater Dark Beast of Frostbite has a frozen lair on a Frozen Island in the North. The island was originally small, but with the Dark Beasts power, the ice spreads out for several miles. It is so cold that any creature in it that isn't immune to cold takes 3d8 cold damage every D4 turns, with an endless hail storm that will smash the party to bits giving the Rasped condition. The sky is full of dark clouds making the land pitch dark. The floor is completely covered in ice and is considered rough terrain. If the party takes a dash action while on the ice they will have to roll an acrobatics check of 15 to maintain balance. On a pass they stay upright and the ice makes them slide 50% farther in that direction. On a fail they fall prone and slide half their movement speed in the direction they were going.

Greater Dark Beast of Frostbite Description[edit]

The Dark Beast of Frostbite's body is that of a massive three headed serpent made of blue ice. It is about 1.5 miles long and 50 feet wide. There are hundreds of spikes lining its body. It's mouths are full of icicles that look like hundreds of swords made of ice.


Can breath liquid nitrogen, can cause spikes to rise up stabbing the party, can try to eat the party, can burrow underneath the ice

Journey to the lair[edit]

The party would have to cross the sea of Calnome and then cross

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