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The adventurers and chosen undead of the vast kingdom of Drangleic hail from all over the world, with exotic training in different ways, as such, they are all different, with unique strengths and setbacks.


A merciless outlaw. Bandits have high dexterity, and are skilled with a bow. They are effective fighters at various ranges.

Weapons: Hand Axe; Short Bow

Armor: Bandit Set

Miscellaneous: Wood Arrow x25; Lifegem x10


A Cleric on a journey-- possibly a pilgrimage. Utilization of high faith and miracles are the guiding light to your journey.

Weapons: Mace; Clerics Sacred Charm

Armor: Archdrake Robes

Spells: Heal

Miscellaneous: Lifegem x10


Unclothed and unknown, the Deprived is one with no identity, save a name. They have nothing to fight with or defend themselves, nothing except life-affirming flesh.

Weapons: N/A

Armor: N/A

Miscellaneous: N/A

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