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Wondrous item, legendary

The three scales can be found within the temple of the deity of balance and fates. The scales, when used, ignore magic items, buffs, and boons. Once used the scale will lose its power. After one hour, it will disappear, being reclaimed by its deity for 1d100 years.

Scale of Change. A player attuned to this item may exchange two of the attuned adventurer’s ability scores. One of the two must be reduced by 1 permanently.

Scale of Equality. A player attuned to this item may balance two ability scores. The two scores are added together, 1 point is subtracted, then the sum is divided by two, rounded down.

Scale of Transference. A player attuned to this item may remove points from one ability score and add them to another skill. The number removed may not exceed their ability modifier in that attribute. The newly increased attribute score is then reduced by 1 permanently.

The Scale of Balance. If all 3 scales are used within one hour of one another, a 4th scale will appear between them. The scale is inscribed with the following: May the scales tip ever in your favor. A player character who tips the scales will momentarily meet the God/Goddess. She will ask “What do you desire? For the scales have been tipped, and you may become all that you wish to be. A cowardly historian may become a courageous knight… a Barbarian of totemic power may embrace his rage… Whatever you take with you upon these scales, you may use their weight as you would…” The player will be able to redistribute their attribute points, not exceeding 20 in any attribute. They also gain attribute points equal to half of their level, rounded down. Once this is completed, they will continue speaking...

“And so do the scales shift. That which gives must also take away. The cost of action… reaction… Chaos… Order… Greed… Punishment. Good… evil. By using the scale, you have upset the balance of the universe. While it is a small imbalance, the smallest river will one day cleave through the greatest mountain. Time is not your ally.”

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