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Extra Domain Power [Divine,Spellcasting][edit]

Allows additional uses of a daily domain power.
Prerequisite: Domain power with a daily limit.
Benefit: Select a domain you have, which has a power with an unchanging number of uses per day (but not based on charisma, such as elemental turning; see Extra Turning). Double this limit. The domains this affects from the SRD include: Animal, Death, Destruction, Luck, Protection, Strength, Sun, Charm, Community, Madness, Nobility, Repose.
Normal: Many domains have powers which are usable a certain number of times per day, or for a total amount of duration per day.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time, you may select any applicable domain. If the domain already has doubled daily uses of the power, triple it. If already tripled, quadruple, and so on. Thus if someone with the Death Domain selected this feat 5 times for the Death Domain, they would be able to make 6 death touches per day (1 plus the additional 5 from the feats).

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